The Collection | Spa Restore
The Collection | Spa Restore
The Collection | Spa Restore
The Collection | Spa Restore

The Collection | Spa Restore

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A skin softening duo beneficial for removing dry or dull skin and improving your skin’s appearance.

Soaking Salts
The Salts can be applied directly onto the skin using gentle circular motions, will not only increase blood circulation but will brighten the skin.

As a soak by sprinkling approximately 2 tablespoons of the soaking salts in warm water magnesium is released softening rough dry skin on the outer layers and hydrating the skin underneath, making it easier to further shed dry skin providing relief for itchy inflamed skin resulting from conditions like psoriasis and eczema

Hand & Body Cream
Wild Shore Hand & Body Cream gives you the relief your skin needs along with the recovery to restore and rebuild it. relieving dry, flaky skin symptoms.

Rich in Shea butter is natural emollient. As an emollient, shea butter helps trap moisture in the skin by restoring the skins lipid balance. Deeply nourishing dry skin. Shea butter contains bioactive ingredients that give it anti-inflammatory properties.

This Spa Collection - Spa Restore consists of;

  • Soaking Salts 175g
  • Luxury Hand & Body Cream 100g

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