You & the environment

You & the environment

Wild Shore, caring for you and caring for the environment.

Sustainability and good environmental practices however small, collectively makes a difference. Each decision taken from sourcing raw materials to operations, so we are indeed caring for you and the environment is the beating heart of Wild Shore.
Being part of community is important and I think we realise that more than ever due to forced isolation during the global pandemic.
Embarking on producing a high quality, hand crafted product to market seems to me the perfect vehicle to not only bring a practical solution in natures healing ability to keep us safe from harmful virus and other harmful microbes but to share my love for the Irish rural countryside.
Here on the southern shores of Lough Neagh, Wild Shore is not only helping restore an old Victorian Glebe house but reopening its grounds for community activities and conservation projects, of which I will be only to delighted to share in my blogs.


Social Responsibility

We can all play our part in creating a better future for generations to come by simply making better choices.
To be able to use 100% recyclable packaging is one of our goals and so reduce the amount of microplastics that are already in existence.
To use unrefined organic ingredients.
To partner with local rural charitable organisations.
To support feeding programs in Guinea, West Africa.
With your help we can do this and much more.

Thank you