A globally harmonised standard for organic and natural cosmetics where products are certified.

The COSMOS certification guarantees:
-         Environmentally friendly production and processing respecting also human health.
-         Development of the concept of green chemicals
-         Responsible use of natural resources respect of biodiversity
-         Absence of petrochemical ingredient: parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colourants
-         Absence of GMO (Genetically modified organism)
-         Recyclable packaging

A beauty care product is COSMOS ORGANIC certified only if:
-         95% minimum of the plants it contains are organic
-         At least 20% of organic ingredients are present in the total formula (10% for rinse-off products)

Note: water or minerals are not regarded as "organic" for they are not from agriculture. Since water is a major component of numerous cosmetic formulas, it implies a dilution of the proportion of organic ingredients out of the total of the product. Thus, a massage oil which does not contain water may display up to 100% of organic ingredients.



According to the Soil Association.

 “For us, ORGANIC isthe gold standard for cosmetics, just like it is for food – with 50% morewildlife found on organic farms, lower greenhouse gas emissions and noartificial herbicides or fertilisers permitted.

Surely that’s a thing of beauty, for us and for the planet.”

They are grown without herbicides and pesticides, their organic ingredients are also free from that contamination, which means the same for your skin and body.

In synthetic skincare products, on the other hand, active ingredients only make up 5 to 10% of its contents.

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An apothecary serves to dispense and formulate medical materials and prescriptions, which is a lot like a pharmacy, specializing in the herbal science and chemistry. Unlike modern pharmacies, an apothecary performs the distilling, mixing, and dosing of medications and liquors, in-house.

Wild Shore Apothecary, the medicinal properties of each essential oil used in the Wild shore blend brings potent healing to many skin concerns including eczema and psoriasis. All the while bringing essential moisture to the skin’s natural barrier.

About the products

Yes, Wild Shore products are Vegan friendly product.

What does it mean for products to be vegan? Vegan beauty products means the absence of animal ingredients.

Wild Shore products are assessed for children years 3 years plus.

If you are concerned about trying a new product then take a small amount on a cotton bud and rub it behind your ear, or in the crease of your arm, or both. Wait an absolute minimum of 24 hours. If you are very sensitive, you may want to wait a full 72 hours.

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